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Inside-out Approach, Personal Leadership & Soft Skills combined
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Our Remote Work & Development Experiences feature a 1-month program. The Talent Track centers on your individual growth, while the Social Impact Track allows you to contribute to a local NGO.
Opt for the Remote Team Track to create a customized experience with your team or company.
Talent Track
Reach your full potential.
Enhance personal leadership.
Develop essential soft skills.
From €3499
1 month duration
Barcelona & Cape Town
Talent Track
Social Impact Track
Use your skills to do good.
Develop entrepreneurship.
Elevate personal leadership.
From €2499
1 month duration
Cape Town
Social Impact Track
Remote Team Track
Team building experience.
Customizable program.
Tailored to your needs.
Price TBD
Starting from 1 week
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Remote Team Track