We foster job happiness

by connecting the changing needs of companies and employees.

Our story

From up close, we've seen young generations struggle to balance work and life. Usually, it doesn't end well for anyone involved. As the next generation, we intimately understand these struggles because we have gone through them ourselves.

Surprisingly, being abroad doesn’t hinder one's career; it instead fuels personal growth and performance. From this idea, Sweet Spot was born, with the ultimate goal of fostering job happiness. Finding a way to create a win-win for the companies and employees is an exciting challenge that we have taken on.

Let’s find the Sweet Spot together!
Joost Verhage
Marleen Verweij
Tiemo Landewe
Head of Partnerships

Our partners

All our experiences can become fully CO2 neutral through Corekees' reforestation project.
Not Secondary
We assist Not Secondary in creating the best secondary company employment benefits.
Little Lions
Our local partner Little Lions provides underprivileged children with free mental health workshops.