February 15, 2024

How to Convince my Employer to Work remotely Abroad

Scroll trough your social media for a daily dosis of stories about professionals working their normal job on remotely from a beautiful sunny location. Reading those stories can be convincing enough for you as an employee to choose the same path. Unfortunately, this is often not enough to convince your employer too. Sweet Spot not only wants to give you the best remote working experience abroad, but also helps you put down a plan to your employer. We will guide you trough all the steps to ensure your employer to understand what a period of working and developing yourself in another country can contribute towards your and your employers goals.

Step 1. Explain your personal motivation to work remotely
Firstly, it is important to clearly describe why you see advantages in working abroad. Sure, it’s nice to go on vacation to Barcelona. But why do plan to take your work abroad and replace your current office or working from home situation? Explain the advantages of a temporary ‘change of scenery’ and what it means for you. Working from a different environment will put your day-to-day life in a new perspective and gives you the opportunity to change habits and develop new routines. Moreover, you may meet interesting people from which conversations will provide you with new insights and perspectives. Besides, working from a more sunny location can simply make you happier. By increasing your general wellbeing, your productivity at work will benefit from this.It is also no secret that flexibility is becoming increasingly important for employees. Work and private life must become more complementary to each other and can therefore no longer be viewed separately. There are several studies, such as this one on how flexibility of workplace and working hours have a positive impact on productivity. And after working hours? Close your laptop and you can immediately go on an adventure in your own time! Make sure you make it clear to your employer that all activities are outside working hours and will not disturb your workday.

Step 2. Focus on how you are developing professionally
If you participate in the Sweet Spot program, you will not just go abroad for a different view, but at the same time you will work on yourself. By following a Track you can, for example, work on your leadership skills or other personal growth. You do this outside working hours, so it’s a win-win for employer and employee. Together with your employer, set goals for your time abroad by looking into how it contributes to your development. Talk to HR as well, many companies already have a budget for professional development.

Step 3. Show how involved you are with the companyIn the year after the pandemic, many professionals quickly changed jobs. Especially among younger generations there is a high peak in quitting a job within a year. It is therefore more than right to indicate that if your employer believes in you and wants to offer you this opportunity, you will show loyalty in return. You can indicate how long you will stay with the company if you get this opportunity. Either way, it’s a win-win situation for you and your employer. What company wouldn’t take that deal?!Have a conversation with your employer and show how a time working remotely abroad can be beneficial for both employers and employees. Need help to get your employer on your side? You can also refer your employer to this blog, which explains in detail what benefits there are for a company. Are you ready for the adventure and have you already convinced your employer – or do you still need some help? Don’t wait any longer and contact us below!

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