February 15, 2024

5 Advantages of your Employees Working Remotely

A new era in the way we work has started. The new generation of employees require significantly more flexibility and trust from their employer than ever before. These needs were already gaining terrain over the last decade(s) and the pandemic, where working remotely was the norm, acted as an accelerant. Now that employees have experienced the benefits of working remotely, they are not ready to give up on them so easily. However, employers are somewhat hesitant and would rather go back to what they know, the “normal” way of working – in the office.

What are the advantages of working remotely? Or more specifically, what are the advantages if an employer does facilitate remote work?

1. Attract and retain talent

Finding and retaining the right talent is hard. The war for talent is raging. The winners of this war will have to show the willingness, flexibility and pioneering spirit that it takes to understand, facilitate and motivate the new generation of talent. Flexible working conditions, international opportunities, and the chance to learn and develop aren’t merely nice perks when it comes to the new generation of employees – they’re essential.

2. Increase employee well-being, reduce absenteeism

Happy, motivated employees take fewer sick days. Experiencing the freedom to work from any place positively affects the ability to improve work-life balance. Balancing these two worlds has become an important element of employee happiness which reduces the level of absenteeism.

3. Boost productivity

Extensive research has been done on the effects of working remotely on productivity. Fewer interruptions, lack of office politics, more focus time and a quieter work environment are some of the key benefits of working remotely that lead to higher productivity.

4. Enjoy cost savings

Having fewer employees present at the office drives down the employer’s real estate footprint and requires an efficient use of workspace. In addition, other perks inside the office such as child care and free parking diminish. The individual employee savings might be small, but become substantial when more employees choose flexibility in working locations.

5. Expand your talent pool

For decades the location of your office or the willingness of people to move for a job determined the size of your Talent Pool. Offering working remotely suddenly gives you the opportunity to hire regardless of people’s location and thus increases the amount of potential candidates for your job openings.

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